Sunday, October 28, 2007


I don’t know if many have heard, but the J. K. Rowling has shed some new light on the mysteries of Harry Potter. She announced recently that Dumbledore was gay. This was in response to a question that someone asked her in a conference about why Dumbledore had never fallen in love with anyone. From what I read from the article about it, a reader stood up and asked the question about why Dumbledore had had no apparent romance ever in his life. J. K. Rowlings cracked a smile and said, well Dumbledore is actually gay. Apparently the whole hall (this was in Carnegie Hall) stood up and erupted in ovation. Now I wasn’t there. But this would seem sort of weird to me. They applauded for something like three minutes. That’s a long time to applaud. And just for saying that someone was gay. Well that’s weird. Even if you think it’s some great statement to society and about tolerance. So I got to thinking about it. What could this really mean? She will be lauded by the media and Elite America and Europe for quite sometime. Everyone who doesn’t embrace this as the best thing to happen in the world since sliced bread will be branded as intolerant bigots and the world will go on. Perhaps next year J.K. Rowlings will win the Nobel Prize since all it is now is a ploy to advance the political agenda of some Elitists that run it.

I can think of something that could be beneficial. Harry Potter was doomed to never be a classic because it is basically a good book. Everyone likes it and people have read it for years. English professors around the world however will never let this book into their list of boring old classics because people understand it and can relate to it. Classics must be dry old things that make some sort of statement on culture or something that is really confusing. Basically classics are not for the common man, but for “intellectual” people to read and discuss to each other in language that no one else understands. This way they can remain smarter than everyone else and retain their status. Harry Potter is an attack on that. It is a well written series that is enjoyable to everyone. How could anyone let low-life Harry Potter readers into the discussion with Elitists?! Well now Harry Potter has something that the elitists will love. Dumbledore is gay and this is exactly the kind of commentary they want on society. So maybe Harry Potter now has the stuff necessary to break into the “classics” category. It has long been a classic in the minds of many readers, but not canonized by those who claim to know “Good Literature.” Well at least there will be some good books to choose from on the reading list of the mundane.

Here's a link to the newsweek article: Newsweek