Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Black Eye

So I’ve come across a new battle wound that I am proud of. I am generally quite proud of battle wounds, regardless of how I got them. So I have a nice black eye. Story of how I got it? Well the best one I came up with was on Sunday when I went to ward prayer in my old ward. I was actually slightly helped by someone else, or at least their help sparked the fire. Someone asked me how I got the black eye and he said “Oh he got mugged.” So I started back, “Well he tried to mug me. He came up and asked for my wallet and I said, NO! give me your jacket! So we fought and he caught me with a right hook in the left eye, but ultimately I got the jacket and he… well you should see him.” It was mostly good because I was wearing a leather jacket at the time. I learned last time I had a black eye that I need to be careful about making up stories. My friend asked me how I got the black eye and I told her that I saved a girl from getting hit by a car and in the process fell over and hit my eye on something… like the curb or something. Well she believed me and told all her roommates and they deemed me the hero of the day. All before I could tell them that it wasn’t true and that I actually got hit in the eye with a Frisbee. I got a guilt trip after that about how I never lie to her. Oops.

This black eye on a side note happened in Frisbee as well. I caught a flailing hand in the eye as someone who was air bound was trying to regain balance. It didn’t really hurt much, but it looks bad enough.

So usually when I see someone who hasn’t seen me in since Saturday they gasp and ask me “What happened?!?!” Sometimes I forget that I actually have a black eye (In fact sometimes I forget so completely that I am surprised to see it when I look in the mirror) and so it takes me a second to actually realize what they are asking about. Then I am faced with the decision of whether or not to tell the truth or make up a story. Usually if I tell the truth they say “You should make up a story.” So in my head I debate what I should do and often it just ends up as an awkward silence as I try to say something but nothing comes out, or I bumble about.

Anyway, here are some pictures.