Sunday, September 21, 2008

Priorities and more!

Well August passed away with one lonely blog post and September looks like it is trying to get away scotch free. But I shall not be conquered by the likes of laziness. (That statement is going to come back and bite me I know it!) So it’s been a good month or so. School has started up and I’m doing my best to prioritize my life with good priority orders. Of course once I started doing that everything shot up to the first 2 or three priority categories. There’s only so much room up there. :) I wish I had like 10 first priority spots! So here’s how things are going. School is definitely a high priority. Even higher this semester than it was in past semesters. I would like to show school who is boss! Of course there is Frisbee. That is so big I even have to split that up into different priorities: the BYU Team, then Orem Ultimate, then BYU Intramural Frisbee, and lastly casual pick-up games. As it stands right now the last two don’t make it onto my list and consequently are non-existent in my life. So then you can add most musical activities into a priority which, while important is not too high up there this semester. Church is of course quite a high priority. I’m the Family Home Evening Coordinator for my group here. I just got called to it today. Again. Even though I already had that calling and never got released from it. I hope that doesn’t mean that I’m the dad and the mom. That would be silly.

BYU football is quite the excitement of the semester. We are four games into the season, and it’s been a doozy! We have won all four of them so far and our winning streak keeps getting larger. Shutting out UCLA and Wyoming was a treat. Even though some people don’t like shutouts because they get boring, I’m a die-hard. So that’s all peachy for the moment.

And one last slightly unexpected but highly welcomed incident. I have a wonderful girlfriend now. We started dating two weeks ago. We have known each other for about two years now and pretty much accidentally started dating each other. Since most of you who read this have probably already heard the story I’ll not put it on here. But you can always ask me if you want to know. I’ll tell you the real story of how it went. She won’t tell the whole truth, but I knew what was really going on! :)