Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thoughts on thoughts... well without the first thoughts

So every once in a while I have a notebook on hand, and when I do, I decide to write down some of the thoughts I get. Now, for most people it seems like this would be a profound insight into who the person is and possibly a serious thing. Well in my case it is generally weird, sometimes funny, and probably doesn’t make much sense. So here are some random things I wrote down during church. More like those, “Huh, how about that,” kinds of thoughts.”
- Little kids stare at my hair
- Scruff = more compliments
- Marrying is good, merrying is bad.
- If Come Come Ye Saints were written today, it would say “S’all good” instead of “All is well.”
- Would you get a crunchy leaf to step on if you put a green leaf in a fruit dehydrator?”
- I create a vortex when I run… :).
- The general population's average IQ is not as high as I used to assume.
- There’s a market for facebook statuses and the currency is comments.

Now that you all think I’m apostate and don’t pay any attention during church, I will let you keep on thinking that.