Sunday, July 19, 2009

Awkward and or Creepy Conversation Starters

So I randomly made and observation in my head about someone else's foot (Yeah, awkward I know). Her second toe was longer than her big toe. It's a common thing no biggie. Then I thought, wow... that would be a really awkward way to try to start a conversation with someone. Hm... I wonder what other awkward things there could be. So I made a list.

I see your second toe is longer than your big toe.

Are you wearing Dr. Scholl’s gel soles? Because you look quite relaxed right now.

You remind me of my favorite character on Ice Age. Cid the Sloth.

Did you know that one of your eyes is bigger than the other?

I noticed you have defined calves when you were on the stair master.

I noticed your writes are very supple.

Here are my favorites from stake dances. These were actually used... often.

What’s your favorite toothpaste?

What color is your toothbrush?

And of course I had to put in the classic Dumb and Dumber quote:

"So, Big Gulps, eh?"

This is kind of fun. Put other ones in the comments section.

Ultimate Showdown

Well it’s been an interesting week. I think I will devote this blog to last weekend. So I’ll start with a funny story from work. About a year and a half ago I was talking with a coworker named Nicki about our dating lives. This is a common topic that comes up at work. She related the fact that it seems like every boy she had gone on a date with got a girlfriend soon after that date. I had just gone through a slew of dates where the girls had all gotten boyfriends shortly after. We were cursed. So in an effort to try to counteract the curse we figured we would throw a curve ball back at the curse. We decided to go on a date with each other. I can just see the curse now, “oh crap… they are together! What am I going to do?! Er.. uh… syntax error…. Kaboom!” So to make a long story short, Nicki and I went on a date and then she met a boy soon after and started dating him. She just married him a month or so ago too. Apparently the curse sneaked away in one piece by making me more powerful. So a few months later I took out another girl from work a few times. After those dates she met the guy that she just married a few weeks ago. Then fast forward to spring term. Another friend from work, Ceri, and I spontaneously went to a Chinese restaurant. Well then she ended up getting a boyfriend short after that. So we were joking about this at staff meeting one day and Jessi said that she wanted in on this beneficiary curse and that she had experienced the same thing. So we agreed to go on a date.

The day of the date we ended up setting up a tournament bracket to illustrate the effects of the curse.

So on that note we went on our date.

First we went to Rippley’s. It’s a burger place here in Provo that was featured the acclaimed church movie “The Phone Call.” which can be seen here. It’s a funny movie. After that we headed over to Color Me Mine. It’s a nice place where you pick out a cup or a bowl or some other kitchen piece and then color it. Then they gloss it and put it in a kiln and give it back to you a few days later. So it was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of our creations.

Yes, that is a frisbee player that highly resembles me.

And the gnome was a nice touch I thought.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dinosaurs and Thai!

So on Friday I went on a date to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. It was a lot of fun! I remembered that I really like dinosaurs. It brought me back to the old days of playing with Craig and all our dinosaur action figures that he had. We learned all the names and what kind of dinosaurs they were. We could tell you if they were carnivores, herbivores, or even a rare few omnivores. We even knew what periods some of them lived in (i.e. Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous). I remember one time when Craig remarked that certain dinosaurs from the movie “Jurassic Park” weren’t even alive during the Jurassic period. What an atrocity! Of course, I don’t really remember all that much now. But I still remember the names of the basic dinosaurs and the general families of different kinds. The names of some of the lesser known ones came right back too. So we walked around the museum, me like a nerd in his element, talking about all the dinosaurs, her… well I think she was enjoying it too. It’s hard for one to tell. But she didn’t look bored or annoyed. And I did my best to throw in more interesting conversational topics too. There is a nice place for kids to dig around in dirt there too. Like they are real paleontologists! I was kind of tempted to play around in that mud… but I passed. So bottom line, dinosaur museum = cool.

We also went to the Thai house. It’s a nice little classy restaurant. You get quite a bit of food, and it’s not wildly expensive. They have good fried ice cream too. That was yummy. The food seemed like it could have used a little more flavor, but maybe I just picked a slightly bland item. It was a really healthy dish though. Many vegetables and stuff. I like vegetables and stuff. I’d recommend it as a good place to go for anyone looking for a date place or just food.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hair Cut!

So I got decided to get a haircut yesterday. I had been thinking it was about time, but hadn’t yet planned a time to actually go get it cut. Well I happened to be walking past the barber place from a friend’s house on the way home and I saw that it wasn’t busy and it was cheaper on Wednesdays. So I walked in and sat right down to get it cut. The girl cutting my hair was the same as last time. She remembered my hair. Apparently there aren’t too many people who come in with thick curly hair that poofs into an afro when you comb the gel out of it. So now I have quite short hair. A bit shorter than I would have preferred, but my hair can roll with the punches. It’s versatile like that. I did notice something interesting though. Every time I get a hair cut my hair seems to acquire some interesting quirk. The latest one is that there is a tuft of hair in the back left side of my head where the hair is straight now and just kind of sticks straight out. Who knows, maybe the rest of my hair will follow suite and I will have a head of straight hair that won’t do anything but stick straight out like I’ve been electrocuted. So that’s my most recent bout of quirkiness.