Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thank you

So yesterday at work I was talking with the lovely Nick Erickson. We have heart to heart talks whenever we get a desk hour together. On this occasion we were having a wonderful discussion and she asked me what the ideal response from a girl would be if I told her that she looked pretty. What sparked the question was an experience she had the previous Sunday. She was walking with a guy in her ward who told her, “You’ve been looking good these last few days.” She replied with a smile, “Thanks, it’s a curse.” She asked me if that was a good response. I honestly didn’t see anything wrong with it. Yes, it could be seen as conceited or something to someone who’s really critical. But who wants to be critical. She accepted the complement, but she added to it as well. Anyways, that got us to thinking. What would be some good responses of the same manner to a compliment? We came up with a few.

1. Thanks, it’s a curse. (Already mentioned)
2. I know, I planned it that way. (More useful if someone says they like the way your clothes match)
3. Thanks, I wore it just for you.
4. Thanks, I try

Well that’s all I can think of right now. But the funny part is that just after we thought up those responses, another coworker came out of the back room, and Nicki said, “I like your shirt, it’s very yellow!” His response was, “Thanks, I wore it just for you.” He hadn’t heard any of our conversation. It was just a first class coincidence.