Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So I had the FHE lesson as I mentioned in the last post and I also mentioned that I would write about it. So I gave myself about 2 ½ hours to prepare it before hand. I figured that would be enough time. I don’t know what kind of effort other people put into things like that, but that’s how much I put in. So the first 30 minutes consisted of me wondering what the heck I should talk about for the lesson. Classic and probably happens with everyone. So finally I looked up and saw a notepad and thought. Well maybe if I start writing something down I’ll have some more inspiration. So I pulled it out and it had writing on the first page. It turns out it was notes I had jotted down to give a talk for a seminary orientation. I talked about what I had learned in seminary. So then I thought! Ah! Inspiration from above! And I pulled the notepad down and received the inspiration. So I decided to talk about remembering back to things that we actually had learned, and thinking of ways that we can actually keep those things with us instead of forgetting them. It was a nice chance to look back and think of the things in my past that I actually have learned from and benefited from. It’s interesting. Almost like going back and reading in your journal. So anyways, those were my thoughts in a nutshell.

Monday, May 26, 2008


It’s Monday night and I just prepared the lesson for FHE in 30 mins. My roommate asked me to do it yesterday and said he would have done it but he wasn’t sure if he’d be back in time to prepare it. I didn’t really ask him where he would be, I had no problem preparing a lesson which has turned out to be an interesting experience that I may blog about at a later time. Well I don’t know what he had planned yesterday, but right now he is watching a movie with a cute girl in the living room. I assume that’s what he had planned. For a split second when I realized that that was his “excuse” I felt a tiny bit of annoyance that he put the lesson on me for that. Then I thought… ha ha I’m silly. But then I thought, well if he had just asked me to give the lesson with no excuse as to why he couldn’t do it I wouldn’t have cared. He’s the FHE coordinator, that’s what he’s supposed to do. Delegate. And then I thought, well if he had said, “I would do it but I have this date with this girl that I really like right now” I would have been more than happy to play cupid and allow my roommate a wonderful chance to court a girl. However, it’s the “I may not have time” excuse that was almost annoying when I found out that it was a date. How strange is that? I imagine that a freshman who has never roomed with anyone before may very well have been annoyed by that. What’s the difference? They all have the same outcomes for me. Why were two completely fine and the other one only fine because I’m easy going? I guess this is why some people have tact when dealing with others and some don’t. It’s like having a roommate ask you to do the dishes. If he does it one way you’ll have no problem with it, but another way you will. You still do the dishes the same way but somehow it’s different. The brain is strange.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Goodbye" and FHE

So there have been 2 instances in the past two days where I haven’t said goodbye to someone. One was quite comical. The other one I just got a text saying, “Hey you didn’t even say goodbye.” Except I didn’t know who that was from. I had just come from our ward Dessert Night and so I figured it was someone there. It’s happened before that I’ve gotten a text from someone after dessert night saying hey you didn’t even talk to me or something. So I figure it was that. After browsing the ward directory for this number I came back with no luck. I tried to have my friend call and act like she had stolen my phone and ask who it was out of fear that if I called I wouldn’t recognize the voice, but no one answered and the answering machine was of no help. It was a generic one that just said the number, no names. Finally this morning I realized that the text had been sent before I even got to dessert night. I realized that it was someone from work with whom I had been chatting with online. When we were closing up I didn’t bother to say anything I just shut the computer down. I guess she was really hoping for a goodbye. My mistake.

The other instance was even better. This was on Monday after FHE, which I will take a little segue and talk about the FHE for a moment. It was a combined ward FHE and we played a game called Bigger and Better. Basically we divided up into groups and each group got a water bottle. Then we had to trade that for something bigger and better and who ever came back with the biggest and best item won. Well our first trade was for a can of vegetables. Then we headed up the hill and looked for the biggest house we could find and knocked on their door. They said that they didn’t want the vegetables, but they would still give us something. The dad there said to meet us downstairs and he’d give us something that would win the cake. So we walked down and what did he have? A foosball table! Yes he gave us a foosball table to keep. Apparently he and his wife had been praying for an opportunity to get rid of it. Well I’m glad we were able to be an answer to their prayers. Other people didn’t get the whole trading concept and ended up “borrowing” items. So they had cars and bikes and all that stuff. I still think ours was the coolest. Who gets a foosball table for a can of vegetables?

Ok I’ll start a new paragraph to get back on track. So after this FHE I was standing in the parking lot talking to a few girls in the ward. I don’t really remember what we were talking about, but in the middle of that conversation a guy from the ward came walking down the street with a big group of people and he yelled over “Hey Bryan, wanna play ultimate?” So my natural reaction was to yell back “Yeah!” and then I just walked away, I didn’t even turn back to say bye, or acknowledge the girls I was talking to. I had just completely forgotten about them. I didn’t even realize what I had done till halfway through the Frisbee game when Jim told me that it was hilarious and everyone was laughing about it. I guess I have a one track mind when it comes to Ultimate Frisbee. Oh well.