Monday, March 10, 2008

I slept in and Frisbee

Last Friday I had good intentions to come home from work and find someone or some people and go to the volleyball game and have a fun night. Well I got home from work and ate and then somehow I fell asleep and woke up well into Friday night, too late to get anyone to do anything, so I just decided to get ready for the Frisbee tournament the next day and go to bed early. I can hear all the priesthood figures around Utah cringing. It was a Friday night and I wasn’t on a date?! What was I thinking?!?! Well… er… sorry, I slept in…
So on Friday morning the team met at the DT field. Actually only five of us showed up at the field and the others made it up to SLC on their own, and just happened to forget to tell the captain till the last moment. But we all made it there safely none the less. When we got there we were informed that the tournament would be starting 30 minutes late because the U overbooked the field and there was a soccer game going on one of the fields. It was all good. After watching the soccer game for a bit we decided that they needed all the practice that they could get and so they needed the field for another 30 minutes. So at 10:30 the Young Guns took to the field, adorned in our snazzy Adidas Young Guns Jerseys and an assortment of wild shorts. Our shorts ranged from bright yellow flowery shorts to cow patterned shorts. We definitely won the coolest shorts award of the tournament. (For the record, my shorts were the bright yellow flowery ones. They’re awesome!)
The first victim of the day was Wyoming. I played this team when I went down to Vegas and played with the BYU-Idaho team. We beat them then and I figured that we would be able stomp them with the Young Guns team. Well I guess right because it was an old fashioned shut out. The poor guys never got a point. We waltzed straight up to 15 points with out a single problem. (The first team to 15 points wins.) It was good to start out with Wyoming because we were able to solidify how we were going to run our offense in the next two games. We run what we call an H-Stack Flow. I’m not going to go into the details of how it works because it’s somewhat confusing at first, which is good because it works really well against the other team because they don’t really know what is going on. So that was a good start for the day.
USU was our next opponent. We made quick work of them too. I enjoyed that because I got to play the last man on defense for a few points. Basically that is the equivalent of a safety in football. For those of you who don’t know what a safety is, it’s the person who stands far back to protect from any deep throws. What is means is that I don’t let anyone get behind me because I’m the last chance the defense has at preventing a point. It also means that when someone comes tearing down the field I have to be fast enough to stay with them and keep them from catching a long Frisbee bomb. So we wrapped this game up at 15-2 I believe. Or somewhere around there…
And finally we played Colorado. It was basically the same story. The wind picked up a bit during this game so we were able to practice a zone defense against them when they were throwing upwind. (Ask me about that later if you want to know why we only use it when they are going upwind.) I think the final score of this game was 15-4 or 5. So basically we demolished everyone. It was a good tournament all in all.
It looks like I have a decent sized entry here already so I’ll wait a little bit and make a new entry to cover the rest of the weekend.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cross-country skiing, Tin-man and Ultimate Frisbee

I had the joyful opportunity to go Cross-Country skiing the other weekend. I took my good friend Kinsey, who was a darling to go even though it was short notice (Extremely short notice for the record). It was my first time ever and it was at night time. That makes for an interesting formula. There are some things that I seem to catch on to very quickly and can perform fairly decently. There are something that I don’t catch on to period and I while I can’t perform very well at that task, at least I can entertain others while I’m at it. I would say that cross-country skiing is in the latter. Even though the name shares two words with something that I am quite good at, (Cross-country running) this does not mean that they are anything alike. None the less I made it out with out any bruises cut or broken things. For a while I thought that I had broken my phone due to water damage, but I turned it off and once it dried, the trooper was back to normal functioning. Way to go Sanyo. Well afterwards we went over to a friend’s house and Kinsey and I both discovered that we were swamped. I guess it was more physically taxing than I initially thought.
Recently it seems like I’m turning into either a tin man or an old man. In other words I’ve been ridden with minor injuries. It all started when I got lost while running a couple of weeks ago. The lost-ness resulted in an extended run far longer than I had intended. About 5 miles longer than I had intended, which all adds up to 9 miles total. But I did pass some very pretty houses on the way. So it was normal that I feel quite sore, but it worsened a slight injury I had gotten at Frisbee practice just before the run. We were practicing dives for the Frisbee and at some point my left quad collided with someone’s knee. That put me on a limp for a day. Well I got over the limp on Saturday for the next practice. At which I somehow managed to cleat myself in the knee while going up for a catch. I didn’t think much of it until I stopped playing at the end of practice; I mean really, how hard can one really kick themselves at that angle? None the less I felt that for a few days and then just as it was going away I went on a run and wasn’t anticipating the cold as much so that inflamed the knee up again. Of course once I get my knee feeling better I slightly strained my hamstring while playing Frisbee on a field with a slight uphill slope. So what is the result? Well I feel like I’m getting old or something. I’m sure it will pass though and I’ll be right back to normal.
Speaking of Frisbee, this Saturday I will be heading north to Salt Lake City to play in the Zion Curtain Classic Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. Other teams that will be there will include the U, USU, SUU, Reno, two Colorado teams, New Mexico, and Wyoming. It should be a good tournament.